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January 8th, 2012


I own and operate the Mayfair Workshop, troche an audio and music composition shop in Chicago IL. In addition to managing a group of twelve composers, I’ve created music and sound design for many clients such as M&M’s, Volkswagen, Target, Safeway, Coke, McDonald’s, SC Johnson, Kashi, Hewlett-Packard, 3M, BestBuy, TicketsNow, Meals on Wheels, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Ambien, Unilever, Wagner, Amtrak, and the Chicago Cubs among others. I’ve worked with many agencies and design firms such as DDB, Draftfcb, Upshot, AronldWorldwide, W+K, Cramer-Krasselt, Second City, Coudal Partners, Barbarian Group, Mode Projects, and Rivet.

In addition to ad work, my production credits include working on the production team for albums by Wilco (dBpm), Mavis Staples (Anti-), Andrew Bird (Fat Possum), the Mekons (Bloodshot), Edith Frost (Drag City), Azita (Drag City), the Zincs (Thrill Jockey), and On Fillmore (Dead Oceans).

As a musician, my credits include playing on records by OKGO (Capital), Wilco (Reprise), Mavis Staples (Anti-), Delta 72 (Touch and Go), Dianogah (Southern), Tsunami (Simple Machines), and Jenny Toomey (Misra) among many others.

I was a founding member of the Coctails (Hi-Ball/Carrot Top) and have recorded and/or toured with bands such as Archer Prewitt (Thrill Jockey), Eleventh Dream Day (Thrill Jockey), the Sea & Cake (Thrill Jockey), Smog (Drag City), Chestnut Station (Drag City), Kelly Hogan (Anti-), and Candy Gold (featuring members of Cheap Trick and Wilco).

I also created the official video for the song “Born Alone”, a track from Wilco‘s 2011 album “The Whole Love” (dBpm).


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Recent Mayfair work includes sound design (and some music bits) for two new General Mills online games, more about
one for TRIX and one for and one for WHOLE GRAIN.